Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts is a lodge favorite. It is a fun game with sometimes huge pay offs. Please note that while guests are welcome in the Social Quarters, they may not participate in any of the charitable gambling activities within the lodge, including the Queen of Hearts raffle. This privilege is for members only.

How to Play

Purchase a ticket and pick the number where you think the Queen of Hearts is hiding. If your ticket is drawn to pick, the number you wrote on the back of the ticket is pulled from the board. If we flip the card and it is the Queen of Hearts, you win! If not, it is progressive. The money rolls over into the next drawing.

And even if the card you pick is not the Queen of Hearts, you’re still a winner and will walk away with $50 for the evening.

House Rules

Please review the House Rules for the Queen of Hearts Raffle before buying a ticket.

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